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Specialty Cuts, Flea Baths, and More to Make Your Pet Look and Feel Amazing!

Complete Pet Grooming Services

Give Your Pet a Makeover With a Full Groom Service

Your pet deserves to look and feel its best all the time no matter what your budget is; that's why we offer affordable prices on all of our grooming services. Get $5 OFF on your first visit!

Joanie's Pet Salon LLC offers a huge range of pet grooming services. We can provide your pet with careful and tender nail trimming or complete cleaning services.
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Our owner, Ms. Joanie, was passionate about pet grooming her entire life. Her dream was always to own her own pet shop. Bring your pet to us and trust us to give it loving care.

When you bring your pet to us, you are doing more than just keeping it clean. You are also helping it stay healthy! We will make sure it doesn't get ticks and fleas.
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